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Purchased art Lagunillas

Purchased art Lagunillas

We at C&D Solicitors feel very privileged to be in the position to have a good job and to earn enough income for living a decent life. Therefore, we want to contribute to those people that find themselves in less favourable circumstances and to those in need of help. On a regular basis we collaborate with various non-profit organisations which carry out very valuable work within our community. These organisations deserve our most sincere respect and we wish them much strength as they often fulfil their tasks under difficult conditions.

Here below you find a list of organisations to which we contribute and that are worth being put in the spotlight for their important tribute to our society:

The volunteers of this fine non-profit organisation make a real difference in serving healthy meals three times a day to the homeless people of Malaga capital (next to Hotel IBIS). These night angels are happy with donations in food, money or with physical help in terms of volunteer ship. This year we also tributed by buying this organization industrial equipment for their kitchen.

The Malaga Food Bank belongs to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks and is the light in the life of 46.000 people in need of both a decent daily meal as social contact. This organisation has been awarded by the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.

This small but meaningful welfare organisation provides political and material support to people with Spanish nationality that already live for over 35 years in a Sahara refugee village.

This crowd funding project helps to shape the lives of 80 children in the disadvantaged and poor neighbourhood of ´La Laguna´ in Malaga. In order to prevent them to lead a poor or criminal life these young people are provided with extra education and rehabilitation in the most determining moment of their lives.

Economic donation to Caritas in Coín (Málaga), money that will be used to furnish social housing for the most vulnerable families who do not have a home and to pay their electricity costs.

Donation to the Association ELA ANDALUCIA, which helps and assists the families of Andalusia affected by the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease, to try to improve the health of the sick people and their quality of life.

This year C&D has helped the Almijara Association -with money and man-power- planting 100 young trees next to the Guadalhorce river in Malaga Capital. In a few years these will form part of an autochthonous urban forest that is going to provide us all with fresh air and will form a valuable breeding area for birds and other animals. If you´d like to support this non-profit organisation yourself, it´s possible to donate a tree or gift it to someone for the amount of € 10. You´ll receive an individual digital certificate with the day of planting and description of the specific tree. For this just click on the title link.





  • Playa Patrol

We have also participated with PLaya Patrol and their work to keep our beaches clean from plastic waste by participating as a Team during several beach-clean-ups in Almuñécar and its surroundings.

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